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It's VERY simple!

The 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ attaches to your digital camera, and captures an entire 360 degree panorama with a single shot (no more stitching!). Here are the steps to making 0-360 panoramas quickly and easily:
No More Hassles
The 0-360 Panoramic Optic™ is the fastest, easiest virtual tour system on the planet!™

Welcome to a demonstration of the 0-360 Panoramic Optic™, from Simply mount your camera, with the lens pointed vertically. Almost all tripods allow this. Attach the Optic and turn on your camera. If your camera has the ability to store settings, just power on and you are ready to take your picture. Otherwise, set up your camera per the simple steps in the user guide we provide. Every shot uses the exact same zoom and focus settings. Press the shutter release. The camera's 10-second timer allows plenty of time to get out of the scene. With one shot, your camera will take a seamless 360 degree image, without stitching. And with the included UnWrapper™ software, you are just a few clicks from creating a virtual tour. The fastest, easiest virtual tour system on the planet.

NOTE: Demonstration of Tourweaver software not shown.

first production image, 0-360 Panoramic Optic (©2002, 3MP Nikon Coolpix 995 camera)